Can Anyone Else Not WAIT For The New Series Of 24?

Jack Bauer is officially my hero, I mean, how cool is he? He’s like your cool uncle who everyone wants to be friends with – well when he’s not being kidnapped by nutters, betrayed by his best mate Tony or telling the President “You Have My Word.”

Personally I think I’m in love with him a bit, so this trailer for the new series made me scream with anticipation and cast my home-made mushroom soup to one side in anticipation.


Now, I wonder what he’ll get caught up in this time… presidential assassination attempts, terrorist threats, the kidnapping of various family members and double crossing by people he thought he could trust. To be fair, we’ll probably have all of these, and more in just the first few hours of the new series!

Series eight is set to premiere on Sky1, this January, and judging by the trailer, I’m going to be twiddling my thumbs until it makes it’s way over to British telly… please, someone tell me, are you excited as me?

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