Joe McElderry & Dale Winton – Separated At Birth?

Now, I’ve made no effort to hide the fact that I want to see the back of Joe McElderry from the X Factor… but as I was watching cheesy TV re-runs over the weekend, as shock thought hit me – how much do Dale Winton and Joe look alike?

My housemates (and avid Joe lovers) refuse to see the similarities, but you’ve got to admit, it’s bloody hard to miss, and I’m pretty sure people will be mistaking Joe for Dale in 10 years time when he’s doing the welcome meetings at Butlins.


There’s no denying that Lloyd Daniels was the right person to leave the show last night, as Joe, Danyl, Olly and Stacey really do have stronger voices, but please – I urge you people of great Britain – we can’t have Joe making it to the final.

It is getting close to the end now, with only two weeks left to go… so who do you want to win? Now that Jedward are gone I really don’t know… I reckon Danyl’s got the best voice, Olly is the coolest but sounds too much like Will Young and Stacey would mean a girl winning for the third year in a row, so I’d like a boy to take it this year.

Ruth. x

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