Who Do YOU Want To Win I’m A Celebrity….?

Last night saw my new favourite interior designer Justin Ryan leave the I’m A Celeb… Jungle as he finished in a very respectable fourth place. But now the question we all want to know is whether Kim, Gino or Jimmy should be crowned the winner.

The bookies reckon Gino will win by a mile, but personally my money’s on Kim – she has been utterly hilarious to watch, and although she got on my nerves a bit at first, I really don’t think the junge would have been the same without her.


Gino…. Hmm, I can see why the public like him (because he’s utterly gorgeous) but at the same time, he did make THAT comment about how he can’t stand women burping or farting, which I think is a bit archaic… better out than in Gino.

As for Jimmy, well I interviewed him back when I was a student journalist and I did quite like him, but on the show, he just doesn’t seem to have much going for him –  I haven’t really seen anything of his personality and I think he faded into the background far too much.

But what does my opinion matter? What I want to know is who YOU are rooting for?

Ruth. xx

Originally posted by me on http://www.femalefirst.co.uk

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