Jedward To Audition For The Hobbit!!!

Goodness Gracious Me! I LOVE Jedward! I mean, I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a fan of their wackyness, but after hearing that they’d been offered the chance to audition for parts in The Hobbit.

So, John and Edward Grimes are hoping that legendary director, Peter Jackson – yep, the bloke behind the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, King Kong and The Lovely Bones – will see some star quality in them and offer them a major movie role!


Apparently, PJ reckons the big-haired boys could be perfect for his new film, and if they show acting ability, they could be offered the parts of twin dwarves Fili and Kili, who have fairly big parts in the film. Errr, wow!

According to The Sun, a movie insider said: “Peter is keen to see if Jedward have any acting ability. He needs twins for these parts and they have a perfect look for the film. But the characters have very prominent roles. The big question is whether Jedward could settle down on a major shoot because they are so excitable and hyperactive.”

Do YOU think the twins have what it takes? Or will Jedward-mania be over by this time next year?

Ruth. xx

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  1. Sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you?!
    Jedward embody everything that is wrong with the creative industry. They have absolutely no talent whatsoever yet they are given opportunities they don;t deserve because they are pushy and “have the right look.”
    They can barely string a sentence together between them, God knows how they’ll cope with Tolkien.

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