Katie Price Needs Publicity – So Gets She Her House Redecorated…

Katie Price must have been furious that the Rat-Gate scandal on I’m A Celebrity took the media spotlight away from her for just a second… so she has decided to win back some column inches by declaring she is giving her home a makeover.. .Brilliant.

I’d like to say ‘Err, bothered?’ but clearly everyone is – otherwise it wouldn’t be on the front page of The Sun online – so here’s what you need to know… the ‘glamour’ girl has hired interior designers  (& jungle inmates) Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan to rid her home of everything ‘Pete.’

COLIN McALLISTER  im a celeb1 katie price imaceleb4 JUSTIN RYAN im a celeb1

Apparently the busty brunette wants every trace of ex-husband Peter Andre eradicated from her sprawling seven bedroom mansion, and reckons that the love-up designers are just what her pink palace needs.

With Colin hinting that it was going to involve gallons of pink paint and Swarovski Crystals, we think we’ll stick to more refined homes from now on… living in a giant cupcake isn’t really our thing.


Originally posted by me on http://www.femalefirst.co.uk

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