Alex Reid: ‘Me and Katie Price are as big a story as Michael Jackson’ – Err, What?!

Alex Reid might have only made it into the Celebrity Big Brother house because he’s shacked p with Katie Price, but it seems his plan to make the public love him majorly backfired when he announced his relationship was as big as Michael Jackson’s death.

Okay, so we admit, other thank Jacko popping his clogs, Alex, Katie and Peter Andre did grab quite a few headlines (mainly because Katie did things like phoning up the Wright Stuff and having a rant) but to boast about it on national TV, come on Alex, didn’t you publicist teach you anything? What’s more, despite his failed attempts to show off and exapnd his over-inflated ego, it looks like Vinnie Jones isn’t having any of it… in fact, it’s almost painful to watch as Alex brown noses the hard man, in an attempt to get his approval.

Whilst I’ll be honest, I’d do anything for the approval of a legend like Vinnie Jones, it does make for a bit of a laugh to watch Alex trying to impress him, especially since Vinnie is on Team Peter – and good on him! Vinne seems to have his head screwed on, and looked gob smacked when Alex informed him that his relationship with Jordan was as big a news story as the death of Michael Jackson this summer… err, right.

Reid told Vinnie: ‘“In the summer in the press, the two big stories were Michael Jackson dying and Kate and Peter splitting, and me. People don’t like Kate and it’s Saint Peter. I don’t think I am good for Kate’s image because of the custody battle that’s going on. I’ve had to grow up a lot over the last six months. It’s been a steep learning curve for me.’ But Alex was KO’d when a clearly unimpressed Vinnie told the 34-year-old: ‘Why don’t you all just sit around a table and discuss it like grown ups?’ to which Alex replied: ‘I’d love to.’ Brilliant!

So are you on Team Vinne or Team Reid?


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