Check Out Megan Fox & Cristiano Ronaldo In Their Underwear

Transformers babe Megan Fox has followed in Victoria Beckham’s footsteps to become the new face (or should we say, Body) of Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear, but it looks as though all of her tattoos have been airbrushed out.

Whilst we’ve spent a good fifteen minutes looking at all the pictures of this 23 year old stunner, the thing that bothered me the most is that this woman – who shows how girls with ink can be sexy – has had all of her art airbrushed out for the photoshoot.

Whilst we’re well aware that Adobe enable us to eradicate any minor imperfections these days, it’s a shame that the bigwigs over at Armani only leg Megan keep one of her tattoos for the final shots.

What’s more, whilst we were expecting sexy and raunchy shots, these pictures show a much softer side to the actress, but what do you think? Do YOU like this new-look Meg, or do you think she should have kept her tatts and rock chick look?


Like what you see? Well Christiano Ronaldo has been stripping off too… click the picture below to see more pictures of Christiano in his underwear…

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