Katia How About Being Famous NOT For Sleeping With Someone, Eh?

Can Katia ever be famous for something OTHER than being in a relationship with someone famous? I mean come on, she’s like a uber-WAG wannabe!

Speaking to The Daily Star, the blonde has blabbed on again about her relationship with Jonas/Basshunter after probably realising that she’s going to be nothing without a man on her arm.

After splitting up with high-profile lover Ronnie Wood, Katia then started dating some other bloke – much to the joy of the tabloids – before heading into the Celebrity Big brother house, meeting Jonas, falling head over heels and then dumping him for being too clingy.

I mean the last few months of this girls life has been like an entire series of Footballers Wives, but now it seems like she reckons the gorgeous Jonas Altberg is ‘the one.’

Speaking to The Daily Star Katia admitted: “I really do fancy Jonas and want him. I watched him saying he was falling in love with me and it was so sweet. I just wanted to go back in. I think he’s ‘the one’.”

As if that wasn’t enough, she then started going on about how Ronnie was so proud of her saying; “Ronnie told me he thought I was great. He said he’s been staying watching me in the house all hours. He said he was really proud of me for being myself and that he really misses me. There’s still a strong connection there. But that chapter is over.”

I’m sure any guy would be ‘proud’ to see his ex getting it on with another man Katia…. How about you go back home and let someone like Katie Price have a bit of the limelight?


Originally posted by me on Femalefirst.co.uk

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