Don’t Do Anything Kraft-y With Our Dairy Milk

Now, I don’t pretend to know anything about global politics or corporate economics, but one thing I do know, is that Kraft make delicious cheese, and Dairy Milk make tasty chocolate… so why on earth is everyone going so mental about them coming together?

Personally there’s nothing I like more than some Dairylea Dunkers followed by a couple of chunks of Whole Nut Dairy Milk – although my Slimming World mentor would probably disagree – so the possibilities of what could become of a Kraftburys collaboration is immense!

As you all probably know by now, British chocolate giant Cadbury is to be taken over by the US food company Kraft after its board approved a new increased bid of 840 pence a share – valuing the company at £11.5bn ($18.9bn) – I got that bit from the BBC.

Workers From Cadbury Hold Parliament Protest Over Takeover Bids

The deal has been in the pipeline for months now – so I’m surprised there aren’t millions of exciting headline floating around as we have had ages to prepare – and they are set to make a statement later; finally ending months of animosity between the two companies.

The main thing that people are probably going to get in a huff about is the Americanization of another one of our British institutions, next thing we know Coronation Street and Eastenders will be infiltrated by perma-tanned models with their tiny dogs in their handbags!

But whilst some of us are rambling on about losing our British heritage, with a descendent of Cadbury’s founder telling the BBC that the takeover is “a horror story” as well as Loudon, George Cadbury’s great-granddaughter saying; “Every single iconic brand is going – we sell out everything.” I think we’re too late to start banging on about keeping this country’s National Identity anyway, so we might as well go with the flow – it’s the rich who make decisions in their plush boardrooms without a thought for us who struggle to make ends meet every month.

Either way, rant over, what is YOUR opinion on the whole thing? Are we set to lose our British Identity because of the loss of Cadburys, or did we lose that a long, long time ago – I mean, does anyone actually READ The Express?


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