Get Jedward To Number One!

John and Edward are getting ready to release their debut single, Ice Ice Baby and there’s already a campaign to get them to number one!

Obviously you all know just how much I love them, so don’t worry, I WILL be buying a copy for myself and all of my friends in the hope that we can chill out a bit when it comes to music.

I mean, they might not be able to sing like Leona Lewis, but they’re more bloody interesting than her at least, and I think I fancy them a bit too, which is always good – but clearly NOT the reason I’m, bulk buying their first single. It’s not like I think that if I make them number one and they meet me it will heighten my chances of marrying one of them.

In fact, there are two of them, so technically that makes my chance of marriage twice as great right? Hmm, either way, a Facebook group has been set up to back the campaign for Number One and hundreds of people are joining up.

It worked for Rage Against The Machine, so do you think it will work for the twins? Who knows!

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