Haiti Charity Song – Cowell, It’s The Wrong Song Choice

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the choice of REM’s single, Everybody Hurts as Simon Cowell’s Haiti charity single is just a bit of an odd choice? I mean, it is one of my all-0time favourite songs, but it’s like ‘Everybody Hurts Haiti, get on with it.‘

So, I wasn’t expecting Kool & the Gang’s Celebration to be the choice, but this would NOT have been my first thought, I mean, it’s just a bit depressing isn’t it? Surely it would have been better to chose something which inspired hope?

Either way, it hasn’t stopped stars clamouring over each other in the hope of being chosen to feature on the track, and vocalists such as Leona Lewis, JLS, George Michael, Rod Stewart, Lady GaGa, Michael Buble, Take That and Robbie Williams are all said to have offered their services.

At the same time, Florence and the Machine will donate all the proceeds of an upcoming gig to the charity whilst Will Young, Joe McElderry and even N-Dubz (cough cough) are keen to get involved.

I know I’ll be buying the track, regardless of whether or not I think Cowell picked ‘the wrong song’

Originally posted by me on FemaleFirst.co.uk

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