You NEED To Check Out Hope & State

You know whenever people find out you’re in the music business they can’t help but say “You should check out my/ my brothers / my friends band”? well quite often I don’t check them out but this time I’d super glad I did.

I never really like to say ‘this band sounds like’ because I usually say someone they really wouldn’t want to be compared to, and I’m pretty sure Alex Band (of The Calling) might not be vocalist Imran’s first choice. But that’s what I’m saying, and I’m sticking to it. So there.

Hailing from the big smoke of London, their debut EP ‘Grand Gestures’ is out now, and I’m telling you now, I’m doing my best to wangle myself a copy for those times when I need a kick up the arse at the gym.

Combining a love of punk rock with an appreciation for the bluesy rhythms of folk and even stadium rock, Hope & State have created a unique sound that has fast attracted the attention of the local music scene, all whilst maintaining a firm belief that music should hold a message.

So go check them out if you know what’s good for you! You all know how myspace works by now!

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

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