P Diddy Buys £220K Car – For Son WHO CAN’T DRIVE!!

P Diddy has now entered my list of people who have more money than sense after blowing £220,000 on a new car for his son Justin Dior – who doesn‘t even have a driving license.

The 16 year old kid doesn‘t need to worry about Puffs little mistake though, as P Daddy has added a  personal chauffeur to his sons birthday gift. Brilliant.

Puffy presented his offspring with the outlandish gift at the OTT birthday party for him and all his friends before telling everyone how proud he was of Justin and his maturity… My Super Sweet Sixteen much?

I mean come on, what about making the boy work hard for hi first car? At least he’d appreciate it more? But Puffy, if you’re offering, mine’s a C3.

Originally posted by me on FemaleFirst.co.uk

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