OMG… You MUST Listen To This New Song By Japanese Voyeurs

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you (not that’s I’m always honest like…) the first time someone emailed me about the Japanese Voyeurs I just ignored them because I thought their name was a bit daft – I’m sick of hearing about Japan considering my ex boyfriend dumped me and is now married to a Japanese girl and shacked up with her and the kids… but couldn’t commit to me!

Anyway, another contributing factor (other than the dumbass ex) was the fact that their debut EP was called ‘Sicking And Creaming’, I mean really? I’m all about play on words, but that just makes me feel sick. And I like the FFAF song Kicking And Screaming.

So they went in the ‘never to review’ box.

But after being persuaded to watch the video for their new single, That Love Sound, by a little acquaintance of mine, I am quite impressed, and almost feel bad for never giving their first release a try… but I cam make up for it now right?

So, the single will be released on February 8th 2010, via – wait for it, another ridiculous name coming up – Slimeball Records, and I can assure you it’s going to be in all the grungy clubs in not time.

So, if you like that song at the end of that film 10 Things I Hate About You, you know, the one that goes; “I want you to want meeeeee, I need you to neeeeeed me”. then you’ll probably like this.


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