Jordan: ‘I’ve Won Big Brother’ – Err, What?

OMG… what on Earth is Katie Price on? This morning I was happily driving to work, listening to the Chris Moyles show and looking forward to watching the Celebrity Big Brother final tonight when I heard someone say the cover of The Daily Star read something like; Jordan: ‘I’ve Won Big Brother.’

Well I nearly run over the lollypop lady I was in such utter shock, come on Katie, get a flaming grip – you’ve not been IN the show, you’ve hardly said anything to your favourite tabloid reporters throughout the course of the show and now you claim you’ve won? Get lost!

Before I start ranting about the only reason she could have possible ‘won’ is because she’s kept her trap shut and left Alex to get on with it, I would like to point out that The Daily Star have revealed that the Barmy Pricey is claiming that Alex and Danes success is all down to her.

Apparently, because they’ve both bedded her, that’s the real reason that Alex is the bookies favourite to win, with Dane a close second… oh I see, well perhaps Katie should take a moment to see what her night of passion with Gareth Gates did for his career, and then get back to us?

She’ll no doubt be swanning around at tonight’s final at Elstree TV Studios to show her support for Alex, especially since she told The Daily Star; “He is doing great in CBB. I’ve always been a fan of reality TV. I love BB but when you know somebody really closely, it’s a different kind of viewing. He has been himself and I know no different. He is good fun.”

Yeah, we know you love reality TV Katie, we can never get you off the box, even when The Wright Stuff were talking about you, you couldn’t resist ringing in and making a total fool out of yourself.

Oh, I am angry, I can’t believe she’s claiming they’re where they are because of her… clearly Channel 4 picked them both because they anticipated fireworks, but Alex, Dane and even Peter Andre have proven themselves to be amazing men, to be honest, I think Katie should be taking a leaf out of their book.

I want Alex to win because he’s proven himself as a decent guy, NOT because he’s affiliated with Katie Price. But who is your money on?

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