Will Katie Price‘s Second Husband In 12 Months Last?

Katie Price, where do we start… glamour model, businesswoman, mother and wife to two men in under 12 months… Crikey, since when did I start caring so much about what some mouthy bird does with her life?

Before I started working as a journalist I didn’t know who was bonking who, who was divorcing who and who had a bun in the oven – not w it seems to be the subject of my daily life.. I have turned into a gossipy old woman, and I’m only 22!

So, to give you the basics here, Katie Price split from Peter Andre last May, and yesterday she swanned down the aisle with Cage Fighter and ex-Hollyoaks, um, star, in a small Las Vegas wedding.

Obviously, being Katie Price, she had to have the camera crew and the £1 million magazine deal, or it just wouldn’t be a wedding now would it? Forget the romance and the ‘till death do us part’ it’s all about the cold, hard cash – well those nails don’t paint themselves you know.

So, whilst she left her kids at home with a nanny as she clocked up the air miles with her new bit of stuff, I can only wonder if Katie really isn’t as bad as we all think? Well she has had nice men like Peter Andre, Dane Bowers and now, as much as I hate to admit it, CBB winner Alex Reid in love with her, so surely, she can’t be all bad?

Your views PLEASE!


Originally posted by me on femaleFirst.co.uk

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