Lisa Marie Has A Chat With Jacko’s Ghost… Oh, Right

If you’re a firm believer in ghosts and the afterlife then you’ll be pleased to hear that Michael Jackson’s “unsettled” spirit has been having a nice chat with his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Well, we say nice, it might not have been nice, as he’s apparently begged her to forgive him at a séance held with Karen Faye and a psychic last week. Quite whether or not Jacko’s ghost is still milling around in ‘limbo’ is anyone’s guess, but for the sake of argument, we’ll go with it for now.

Karen, 53, said: “He seemed to be on a mission to reach out to people in his life and be forgiven. Michael spent his time explaining his faults and wanting us to forgive him. He seemed unsettled. He seemed more jovial with Lisa. The psychic turned to me and said Michael is telling me, ‘You took such good care of me, and I am so sorry I hurt you so much’. He said he should have listened to me more. It hit me straight in the heart.”

Even more spookily, Karen insisted that the medium had “no idea” of her link to Jacko, who died aged 50 last June, although why the medium didn’t recognise someone like Lisa Marie is totally beyond me, but then again, who am I to try and understand the afterlife?

Oddly though, the medium, oh wait, I mean Jacko, wouldn’t discuss manslaughter charges faced by his doctor Conrad Murray, as the King Of Pop was apparently “detached” from these things. Convenient.

What do YOU think? Have you been chatting with any dead people recently?


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