Lady GaGa, You Seem To Be Turning Into Bootstrap Bill Turner

Lady GaGa is renowned for her off the wall outfits by now, and we’ve just sort of gotten used to them to be honest, but what on EARTH is she wearing here? She looks like one of the inhabitants of Davy Jones’ Locker!

Now if you have no idea who Bootstrap Bill is then you need to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean and all will become clear, and obviously you’ll know exactly what I’m going on about here.

Lady GaGaBootstrap Bill

Not only that, but does Lady GaGa actually know that someone appears to have tipped a bag of flour all over her? I mean, at what point exactly do you say to your stylist; “Enough is enough?”

Either way, strutting around in her bra and pants covered in flour and glued-on pears must have given the guests at the amfAR Annual New York Gala something to talk about during those awkward silences…

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