Check Out Rihanna’s RUBBISH Rude Boy Video

Is it just me, or does Rihanna seem to be trying her best to turn into Lady GaGa at the moment? First she starts singing about stuff which make no sense at all (have you HEARD the Rude Boy lyrics?) and going for the ‘got dressed in the dark’ look.

So she might be one of the most popular ladies in R&B music, but as you all know, I am NOT  a fan of her latest release, but I do concede, the video is a bit of fun to watch.


Looking rather like a 1980’s Jamaican chav who’s been styled by Salt ‘n Peppa she’s traipsing around in what looks like her version of Sin City whilst singing the wildly annoying Rude Boy lyrics.

Not a fan of the psychedelic look, quite frankly that kind of cheapo porn star video went out years ago, and that bit on the Zebra… seriously WTF?

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