3 Rifles Fundraiser – Lets Get Behind Our Girls

Usually when I get on my soapbox it’s about Lady GaGa’s latest fashion crime or Katie Price’s addition to her ‘How To Be The Perfect Parent’ self-help book, but today I’m blogging about something far closer to my heart.

Ever since my a friend of mine married a solider and my cousin signed up to be a medic, I’ve shown a lot more interest in what the army does for us. I’ve got to admit, before then I never really paid much attention to who’s invading where and couldn’t name a solider who had died even just a minute after hearing their name on the news.

Recently though, so much has changed, after seeing people I know heading off to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for the country we live in doesn’t half make me proud. I am not ashamed to admit that I would never have the guys to go over there and put my life on the line.

There are so many arguments about the British Army and what are they fighting for/ why are they interfering in other countries business? But regardless of what opinions we might hold, every solder tells me the same thing; “It’s my job.” and that’s that.

I had the privilege of working with some of the Three rifles men last summer when they helped out with the FemaleFirst Band Wars Event, so when I heard that two women from Barnsley were organising a fundraiser for this battalion, I knew I had to share it with my readers.

Laura Gray and Nikki Howard – whose husbands are currently out on tour on Afghanistan, have come up with a novel idea to raise funds to support injured soldiers and grieving families. The pair will be completing a sponsored 250 mile cycle, row and run, it is the equivalent distance from Barnsley to Redford Infantry Barracks in Edinburgh for the 3 Rifles Wristband Appeal.

It’s women like these who make me proud to be from a little town called Barnsley – they are not two people who sit by the phone waiting for ‘that’ call to come through, nor are they people who turn a blind eye to the plight of our troops. So please, if you’re in Barnsley on 28th February  between 8am and 8pm, why not  head to DW Sports Gym off Harboro’ Hills and cheer them on? Alternatively you can make a donation or buy a wristband from http://www.swiftandbold.org

Ruth. xx

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