Cheryl Cole Wears ‘Decoy’ Wedding Ring

Cheryl Cole ditched her wedding ring at the Brit awards, but yesterday she was snapped at Heathrow Airport yesterday wearing a ring on her wedding finger, so we all assumed she hadn’t given up on her marriage just yet.

However, as usual in the world of celebrity, nothing is as simple as that, and it’s since emerged that the rock on her finger was actually a ’decoy’ ring, and not the actual wedding band given to her by Ashley.

Cheryl Cole tries to navigate her way through a mob of photographers after arriving at LAX

Apparently this ‘decoy ring’ (which you can see above) is designed to show that she’s still a married woman, but by not wearing Ashley’s ring, it signals that he’s in big trouble still and will deal with him when se get’s back from her jollys.

Confused? Yes, we are too, and we thought better of Cheryl than using the media to send a message to Ashley, considering it’s a national newspapers expose that’s gotten her into this situation in the first place.

I mean, she could have sent him a MMS (that’s a picture message to you and I) of her ringless finger, we all know how much Ashley loves his picture messaging don’t we?

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