Rubbish TV That You Loved As A Teen : Sweet Valley High

Rubbish TV That You Loved As A Teen : Sweet Valley High

Over lunch today the staff in the FemaleFirst office got chatting about the TV shows we use to love as a kid, I mean everything from the High School likes of the kids in Sweet Valley High and Saved By The Bell, to the super power stories of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Secret Life Of Alex Mac and Bernard’s Watch.

It got me thinking about all the programmes I used to love watching on CITV and CBBC when I was younger, and I’ve decided to take a break from music to give you a quick reminder, and see if you loved the shows too, coming up over the next few days are a reminder of the shows we all used to love.

My old housemate has the DVD collection of SVH, and I’ve got to admit, it’s not as good when you watch it as a 22 year old, but I did love the series back in the day.

Running between 1994 and 1997, it starred real-life twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel as main characters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, two beautiful blonde twins who live in fictitious Sweet Valley, California.

The plot follows the sisters and their gang of friends as they try to make it through high school whilst showing that twins can actually be different with and Elizabeth being warm, friendly and sincere, whilst her twin sister Jessica is conceited, devious, sexually promiscuous and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


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