Cheryl Cole May Postpone Divorce… WTF?!?!

Cheryl Cole might have confirmed that she is separating from love-rat husband Ashley Cole, but she has no immediate plans to actually divorce him, according to new reports.

The Girls Aloud star took to Twitter yesterday to issue a statement regarding their separation, but sources claim that despite all the revelations about Ashley’s infidelity, Cheryl doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ Ashley by pulling the plug on their marriage too quickly.

Cheryl Cole Combats Drama With Song

It is believed that Cheryl might postpone the divorce “indefinitely” and used the word “separating” in her statement out of respect for Ashley, Now Cheryl girl, YOU don’t want to hurt HIM, and respecting him in your statements? He has been frolicking around with god knows how many other women and you‘re worried about hurting his feelings?

Come on girl, you once said you‘d never forgive someone who cheated on you… you‘ve done it once before with Ashley, so please, get shut of him now! Personally I think if Cheryl forgives Ashley, this will have a terrible effect on her career.

What do you think? Should she be ‘respecting’ the man who just made a complete fool out of her, or should she cut all ties as quickly as possible?


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