Who Should Cheryl Cole Date Next?

Cheryl Cole might have only announced her impending divorce yesterday, but we’re already wondering who she might end up with next.

Obviously everyone reckons it’s going to be her dancer friend Derek Hough, simply because he was dragging his dog around to her hotel room in the middle of the night during her time in LA, but quite frankly, I’ve got other ideas.

Top of my list would be the gorgeous Peter Andre – he’s been heartbroken by his ex, and quite frankly, he needs a nice girl who’s not going to rip his heart out and stamp it all over the pavement… Cheryl could just be that girl?

Or how about Wayne Bridge? I know he’s Ashley’s England team-mate, but he’s just found out what players some England players can be (see what I did there?) so they can slag off footballers and their mistresses together.

Maybe she could settle down with her writing buddy Will.I.Am? Okay, so we know he’s not a foxy as Mr Andre, but still he clearly has a soft spot for Cheryl, and he makes awesome music, which Cheryl like to be a part of… match made in heaven I think.

And finally, she could always give Calum Best a whirl, I know his womanising past might not make for a great dating CV, but still, he’s been bleating on about how he’s a changed man recently and we’d like to put that to the test.

Or she could just go totally full circle and give Lindsay Lohan a chance? It might do the both of them some good as it will stop Lindsay whining to the press about how much she misses Samantha Ronson and it might take Cheryl’s mind off men being total d*cks?

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