Katie Price Furious Over Peter Andre’s Fling – Err, Hello?

Peter Andre has been left embarrassed after reports have emerged that he had a three-month fling with a model following his split from Katie Price.

Whilst Peter technically did nothing wrong – he met a girl, had some rumpy-pumpy and that was that – his ex wife Katie Price has had something to say about it all (obviously).

Whilst Pete has already admitted that the whole thing was a “mistake” Katie has been tooting her horn by saying;  He’s got this whiter than white image, but he’s no saint.” Uh-Oh, does Katie not remember that she shacked up with Alex Reid about a day after dumping Peter?

Whilst we know that Peter has been telling some porkies by denying that he’d met any other women during various interviews, it seems that he just wanted to keep the relationships under wraps to avoid a media frenzy, as it was just something he needed to ‘get out of his system’ following the break-up of his marriage.

What do YOU make of it all? Has Katie got any right to be mad at Peter?

    • toni
    • March 3rd, 2010

    no she hasnt not at all, she is the one in the wrong and always had some thing to say, pete just wanted to keep his private life out of the media which is fair enough, where as katie wanted the whole world to no what she had been doing this is why shes not respected by the public and pete is as he didnt do any stories, she now wounders why all i can say its her own fault she set the situations up for herself!!

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