Ashley Cole; “My Life Is Ruined” – Oh Put A Sock In It.

Ashley Cole is really starting to annoy me at the moment – why on EARTH does he feel the need to tell the national press how bad his life is? HE cheated on his fantastic wife, so he deserves what he’s getting in return.

One thing I cant stand is men (or women) who cheat, and then say “it was a mistake, blah blah blah” NO, it was a mistake that you got caught wasn’t it? You didn’t feel bad until The Sun got a hold of it and exposed you as a five-time cheating machine did you?

Obviously I am ‘team Cheryl’ in all this, and I hope to God that she doesn’t take him back, no matter how much he pleads with her, and I tell you now, telling reporters you want to be left alone and then contradicting that by adding; “Everything’s gone so wrong.” Is just ridiculous,.

Not to mention that horrible clump of face fuzz he’s decided to grow whilst he’s in France… what is with that? Is it supposed to show Cheryl that he doesn’t want any other women, so he’ll happily look like Stig Of The Dump so that no one fancies him? Come on Ashley mate, get real.

Apparently, the footballer has refused to socialise with anyone and reportedly spends most of his time texting or calling estranged wife Cheryl – I wonder if she screens your calls? – we’d like to say we feel sorry for you. But we don’t, not in the slightest.

Is it just me, or does Ashley need to stop feeling sorry for himself and realise that if you cheat on your wife five times, NOONE is going to be giving you any sympathy whatsoever?


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