Lady GaGa: “I’m NOT Having Sex”

Lady GaGa might look like a raunchy little sex kitten, but she has urged girls to follow her lead and stay celibate rather than sleep around.

Whilst the ridiculous outfits and suggestive music videos might not make Lady GaGa seem all saintly and virginal, it looks as though it’s all just a front on the part of the 23-year old, as she wants to highlight how important it is to get to know partners before jumping into bed with them.

She said; “I’m single, I’m in a different city every day, I have no chance of holding down a relationship,” says Lady GaGa. “It’s OK to be celibate, I am! I’m Lady Gaga and I’m not having sex!”

Lady GaGa performs live in concert at Glasgows SECC as part of her Monster Ball Tour

Well that got me choking on my morning tea and toast, I mean, Lady GaGa, the queen of suggestive… not having sex? Cor Blimey. Well if it’s good enough for her, I don’t have to worry about my ‘dry spell’ eh?

Okay, so she wasn’t just saying this because it was on her mind, she was promoting MAC Viva Glam lipstick, which helps Aids charities, and obviously wanted to say something which would please them, but then again, safe sex can protect you from AIDs, so I guess she didn’t do too badly.

So, what do YOU make of the GaGa one’s latest claim?


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