Naomi Campbell Wanted For ANOTHER Assault – Get Her OFF The Catwalk

Naomi Campbell really need to learn to control her temper as she’s wanted by police after being accused of yet another assault!

The supermodel – who is well known for throwing mobile phones at people and getting cross with good old British Airways – is not in the sights of her driver, who has accused the stroppy clothes horse of hitting him in the face as he drove her through New York!

Personally we’d wait until we were pulled over in a safe stopping place before having words with a driver – doesn’t Naomi realise that she could have caused a huge car crash with her diva behaviour?

Either way, the driver was okay enough to pull over and call the police, which prompted Naomi to flee the scene – although ‘flee’ is probably the wrong word as she wouldn’t be running very fast in those ridiculous heels she wears – and she’s still on the run.

Do YOU think Naomi is a good role model for kids wanting to get into modelling, or should she pack her designer bags and take a career on the market selling clothes?


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