Is It Just Me Or Is Collision Course One Of The Best LP’s Ever?

Today I’m having a rubbish day, I’m in a grumpy mood, can’t seem to focus and I want to go to bed (despite the fact that it’s Friday, crazy has moved out AND I became the proud owner of a Vivienne Westwood necklace yesterday) but I’ve whacked on some Jay-Z & Linkin Park and I’m feeling a little bit chirpier.

Don’t get carried away though, my eyes are still sore and the two cookies I’ve just eaten are not helping to do whatever chocolate’s supposed to do in a time like this, anyway… so, Collision Course… f*ck yeah!

I like Jay-Z’s voice, I’m not a fan of rap really, in fact I steer well clear of people who use letters in their stage name (T.I, MIA, T-Pain) as it usually means I’m going to have some ghetto rubbish blaring into my ears and make me want to tie a scarf around my head and stuff a white towel in my back pocket.

Although, I am a fan of Linkin Park – mainly Chester Bennington – and Hybrid Theory was one of those ‘growing up albums’ that I dig out every so often when I’m feeling all rebellious!

Anyway, you’ve GOT to have heard Numb/Encore, which was the single that sparked this collaboration in the first place, if you haven’t then come hang out with me for the evening (but bring wine) and you’ll be certain to hear it as I’ve just set it as my ring tone…

I am aware that I haven’t actually written anything that remotely relates to the title of this blog post yet, so here we go… I really like the way Linkin Park made the whole ‘rap metal’ scene cool, and so to team up with Jay-Z was like a collaborative dream come true for many a fatcat music mogul.

And I really bought into the whole franchise too since getting my paws on the album again on Monday (though originally released back in 2004) I have listened to it about four time a day. Does that make me a bit insane? Probably.

Anyway, if you’re still loving it six years on, hit me up and tell me which track’s your favourite, I think I’d go for Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer.

Have a great weekend kids,

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