Mickey Rourke Beds 14 In one Night… Is That Even Possible?

Personally I don’t really fancy Mickey Rourke, but it seems that I’m probably in a minority after he’s admitted that he once had sex with 14 women in one night! Crikey, that must have been one hell of a sleepover…

Whilst I know that it’s pretty much impossible for any guy I’ve ever met to have sex more than three times in one night, it’s seems old Rourkey is quite the stallion when he’s over here partying in the UK, well until he met his missus, Anastassija Makarenko.

Nevertheless, he’s been kind enough to share some of his nuggets of lust with the nation, telling Lizzie Cundy; “Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs get an easy time – they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers. I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night.”

Crikey, I think I’d better find some new celebrity crushes… I don’t want Giovanni Ribisi breaking my little British heart now do I?

Originally posted by me on FemaleFirst.co.uk

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