OMG! Heidi & Spencer Sell Baby Pictures BEFORE Getting Pregnant

Shamelss fame-seekers Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have thought of a brilliant way to make cash…. Selling pictures of their new born baby – who would have thought? Only one problem. They aren’t even pregnant.

Yes, that’s right, the enterprising couple aren’t actually expecting a child in the near future, but they’ve decided to make plans for if they ever do, by signing a magazine deal.

Now to me that kind of deal is completely off the ‘I’m a fame hungry monster willing to do anything for a bit of publicity’ scale, and considering their fellow Hills stars are managing to remain completely normal human being, I wonder what on earth has happened to these two?

In Touch has reported that; “She’s not even pregnant yet, but she and Spencer have already signed the papers, they’re planning staged photo every step of the way – the pregnancy, the birth, and of course, the first baby picture.”

‘Staged photos’? does that mean they’re going to shove a pillow up her top and then coo over a baby all gone? Oh please, pass me the bucket.

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