Li-Lo After £67 Million For Advert Thats Calls Her A ‘Milkaholic’

Lindsay Lohan has taken barmy to a whole new level (yes, even higher than GaGa) after claiming she wants £67million in damages from an advert she’s not even in!

The actress / model / socialite is claiming that this new advert from E-Trade – which features dating babies discussing why boy baby didn’t call – makes reference to her being a “milkaholic.”

I know, a milkaholic, seriously? According to her legal representatives, she is known within the industry as “Lindsay” and this proves the advert means her when her name is mentioned.

Now, is it just me or is Lindsay unaware that there are other people in the world called Lindsay, so technically this advert could actually be about anyone called Lindsay, who likes to drink milk.

It’s not like they’ve said GaGa, Madonna or Rihanna is it? It’s Lindsay, a completely mainstream name, my neighbour is called Lindsay and she once put too much milk in my tea, do you think I should get her to sue for £67 million as well?

To be honest, we think Lindsay needs to get over her own ego and spend her time doing something far more constructive, let’s face it, there’s about as much chance of her pocketing £67million as I have of winning the X factor.

Originally posted by me on FemaleFirst

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