Who Else Is Excited For The 2010 Grand Prix?

Well, this Sunday sees the start of my favourite annual sporting event, the Grand Prix. Well actually that’s a bit of exaggeration, as it’s the ONLY sporting event I watch, but still, I’m excited.

Trust the first race to fall on Mothers Day weekend though, especially since mine and my flatmate’s mum have both decided to come down to Cheshire for the weekend and interrupt Saturday’s qualifying by insisting we spend the day in Chester.

What’s more, my mother wants to go out for a nice ‘pub lunch’ on Sunday, which of course is at the same time as the flipping race… could it get any more annoying? She’s either going to have to go hungry until it’s over, or knock herself a Pot Noodle up, as I still live like a student two years on.

F1 Test 4, Barcelona Spain 25. - 28. February 2010

So, mum-related rant over, my friend Ed and I will be settling down with sweets and brews (or maybe even a cheeky beer – it is the first race after all) and cheering on the hunky Sebastian Vettel.

Not quite sure who Ed wants to win, probably someone like Schumacher or Hamilton, but they’ve won before, it’s time to let the new kids take over… and Vettel, being the man of my dreams – not last night‘s dream though, that was about dinner ladies – is the obvious choice.

Sports News - February 27, 2010

So, whilst I try to find somewhere where I can get the BBC’s title music to the F1 as my ringtone I’ll let you guys discuss who you think is going to come out tops this season!

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