Look! Lady GaGa’s Naked And We STILL Think She’s A Man….

The whole Lady Gaga penis/hermaphrodite rumour has been going on since the pop tart popped out of her dress at a festival appearance last year, and whilst she might have hoped her latest music video might have quashed those rumours, she isn’t really so lucky.

At the start of her new nine minute music video with new BFF Beyonce, GaGa hauls herself onto the prison bars with her legs open for everyone to see, before a guard comments “I told you she didn’t have a dick.”

Now to folks watching, that might seem like the end of that debate and a new start for Lady GaGa being classed as an actual Lady; but look again, even though we see GaG’s getting up off the bed onto the bars, the body we see with splayed legs Doesn’t actually have a head… so how do we know it’s GaGa?

Presumably she made this video so that people like me would notice the obvious head omission and give her some more publicity, great – after all, GaGa doesn’t seem to care what people say, providing she get’s some newsprint… so TaDaa.

Now we’re really confused as to what to think, is GaGa trying her best t prove she’s not a man, or is she quite happy to let people make their own assumptions about her? It looks as though the question over whether she’s a Martha or Arthur remains to be answered…

Ruth. xx

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