Uh-Oh, I’ve Got ANOTHER Celebrity Crush – This Time It’s Dean Lennox Kelly

On Sunday I had a great disaster in the house with water flowing down the walls and off the light bulbs – I actually thought I was going to die, after all water and electricity doesn’t mix at all, and the light wouldn’t turn off. I was bricking it.

Anyway, I decided to wait up until my housemate returned from The X Factor, to be honest I don’t know what was worse – a night of The X Factor Live or potential death in our house, but either way, I turned to ITV2 to keep me awake.

After a hour marvelling at Katie Price and her daughter smeared in make up and a ghostly sunbed (you have to have watched the show) I decided to watch Married, Single, Other, after all the guy I was dating was busy getting it on with some girl in a hotel room in Blackpool, so I might as well wallow in my single loneliness eh?

Anyway, I wasn’t wallowing for long, armed with a glass of wine, I almost split it all over the carpet when I saw the godlike creature that was ‘Dickie’ played by Dean Lennox Kelly. I immediately Twittered to find out who this hunkalicious was and sadly discovered that noone else thought he was fit.

It’s okay though, I’m cool with that, people often commentate on my bad taste in men (if ‘joking’ that you’re sleeping with someone else  is your type of men then I can put you in touch with someone ladies), plus it means if I ever bump into him in a Manchester bar I’ve got far more chance of flirtation?

Okay, I’m living with my head in the clouds, and our I.T expert just pointed out that I keep going for, and I qoute ‘utter pri*ks’ so, considering that dean tends to play Mancunian bad boys in the majority of his roles (to be honest, he’s only basing that on Shameless and MSO) that I probably should stop crushing on people like that.

Anyway, I’m waffling – here are a few pictures to keep you going, and convince you that he is a hunk – PLUS he’s the brother of Craig Kelly, who I did concede looked ‘a bit of alright’ during the Strictly Come Dancing programme that was on telly last year. Not that I’m a fan of men in sequins… although they’ll probably turn out to be better than all the other I go for.

So ladies, who shares my enthusiasm?

Ruth. xx

Originally posted by me on femalefirst

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