Album Review : Justin Bieber – My Worlds

I’ve got to be honest from that start here, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this album, mainly because Justin is 16, and constantly followed by teenagers screaming their heads off and chasing his convoy down the street of London when they should be in school.

Anyway, after listening to the album, I kind of see what the fuss is about – despite the fact that I always thought One Time was sung by a girl until I actually watched the video, I think the fact that he sounds like a 14 year old girl is part of the appeal.

Okay, so he’s not going to be the next Leona Lewis but his voice does have a slight Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 days vibe to it, either that or one of the boys form Hanson. I haven’t quite decided yet.

After we get One Time out of the way, the album really starts with Favourite Girl, it’s not bad but at the same time, it’s just another slice of pop from a guy with a pre-pubescent voice. That said, I’ll probably kill it on karaoke at my cousin’s 14th birthday party next month.

Oddly, Justin then opts to whack in a 4-minute song on next; Down To Earth sounds like something from a Disney film, keep a lookout for it in Demi Lovato or one of her ’cool’ friends’ latest movie.

Next up is Bigger, which just left me gawping with the lyrics; “Was a player when I was little but now I’m bigger. A heartbreaker when I was little but I’m bigger.” erm, when you were little? Justin you still ARE little, plus, you shouldn’t have been ‘playing’ anything when you were younger! At 16 you’re barely legal over here, so you can stop with that innuendo right now!

One Less Lonely Girl kinda makes me feel down on the fact that I’m a ‘lonely girl’ and being one of the few women on the planet who doesn’t fancy Justin, the lyrics don’t fill me with hope that he’s singing about me – as I’m sure I would have if I was 15.

As for First Dance, Usher is probably the best thing about this track, there are a lot of verses ending with lots of long, drawn out ‘looooong’s’ and ‘miiiiiiind’s’ but then again, I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a slow number, so that’s to be expected, to impressed though and had to turn off after 1.28 minutes. Sorry JB fans.

He picks himself back up again with Love Me which I love. It’s very Britney Spears’ Womanizer meets The Cardigans Lovefool and I’m swirling around in my chair so much that I pull the headphones out of the computer tower thing. Sadly though it’s followed by Common Denominator, a title which comes as a bit of a shock to the track list as I’m sure not a lot of people know what a common denominator actually is. Although considering JB is probably still doing his GCSE’s, I’m guessing he’s still quite up on schoolboy facts. Well done. See kids, it pays to stay in school.

His current single, Baby is up next, and this is the first time I’ve actually heard this song, despite the fact that it’s currently sitting at number four in the UK charts, and whilst I thought it was pretty rubbish for the first 30 seconds or so, I do love the chorus. Not quite sure what Ludacris brings to the party as his vocals are a rather weird juxtaposition to JB’s baby-sounding tones, but it’s another celebrity best mate for little Justin, so we’ll let him have that one.

Somebody To Love is another cute little track, it doesn’t make me twirl around with excitement as there are other tracks on here which are far stronger, but then again now I’ve said that, this will probably be the next release off the record as it’s a definite seller and as for U Smile, okay, here we have the token text speak song, I don’t understand why it’s so ‘cool’ to shorten everything we write, surely JB should be making a good impression on the youth of today, not encouraging them to write everything in txt… good song though.

Crikey, I am starting to sound like a fumbling old woman here aren’t? and this is going to top it all as Runaway Love definitely brings the Hanson voice out here (for those of you too young to remember Hanson, just Google MmmmBop and you’ll see what I mean). Never Let You go takes us all intergalactic with a little synth and strong R n B vibe. Oh dear, I think I’m starting to actually enjoy this album, my friends are never going to let this one drop.

When Overboard begins to play, I think to myself ‘Crikey, Justin PROPER sounds like a girl here’ until I convince myself that he really cant sound that feminine and find that he’s teamed up with Jessica Jarrell, who I’ve never heard of in my life, but I’m guessing is another under 16 pop star. It’s quite a good song this actually, it does sound like it belongs on High School Musical or something, but if I was still on the gin today, I’d be Googling the lyrics and singing along – which is another point, the CD sleeve doesn’t include any lyrics, so if you want to sing along whilst listening to it on your Walkman on the train, forget it.

Oh dear, Eenie Meenie is another terrible choice of song title – if he’s wanting to come across as a grown up, I don’t think the lyrics “shorty is an Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover” is the right way to go about it. Sean Kingston sounds cool as ever though, and it’s quite a good pairing. On second listen I could see myself dancing to this in Halo on a Friday night.

Up is a great penultimate track, it’s quite slow and moody and if a girl and guy have had their first date listening to this album (they are 14 after all) then this could be the first kiss song, they’ve endured 16 awkward songs of poking fun at each other and wondering if their breath smells or whether they should make the first move… well yes DO IT. Now’s the time.

Okay, still not kissed him/her? Closer That Should Be Me is your last chance – it’s not a good a kissing track as the last song, in fact, it’s more like a break up song, so unless you’ve had your first kiss, row and break up in the last five minutes you should probably save this one for when he dumps you via text and turns up at school with that tramp with bright orange foundation lines and too much blusher. Not that it ever happened to me….

Rating: 4/5 – now I understand what all the fuss is about. Well done Bieber.

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

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