Lindsay Lohan’s Only Gone And Pissed Off India

Lindsay Lohan might have a hot new man on her arm, but it seems that she still can’t manage to find herself a decent job – especially since she’s gotten on the wrong side of India. Yes India, the country.

So… LiLo has lost her job at a fashion label, can’t seem to find any decent film work (lets face it, she’s not going to be in The Parent Trap II) and is overshadowed as a DJ by her ex Samantha Ronson.

Luckily though, Linds thought she might jump on the celebrity documentary bandwagon and make a doc for the BBC about child labour in India, great idea. Well until the Indian government found out she was working there without a visa.

The poor little lass might even be having her name added to an “immigration blacklist” after it was discovered she didn’t have the right documents, and even worse, officials also accused her of “trivialising child labour” in a Twitter update that she posted while working on the programme which read; “Over 40 children saved so far … Within one day’s work … This is what life is about …”

What do YOU think to LiLo’s latest venture?

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