Airport Full Body Scanners : Get Over It

Okay, so today The Sun has been talking about a bloke who was caught “ogling a girl colleague ‘naked’ in a new anti-terror body scanner.” which, you know, is pretty bad in itself… but as a whole, does anyone else think the machines are vital to our security?

The new X-Ray gadgets hit the headlines just over New Year after the government decided that new security measures need to be employed by airports after the Christmas Day underpants bomber tried to blow up a flight to Detroit.

Okay, so Gordon Brown and friends probably didn’t envisage John Laker, 25, taking lewd photos of his colleague Jo Margetson, 29, before leering; “I love those gigantic t**s.” – and whilst I am super disgusted, shouldn’t we be grateful that they actually work?

Obviously the people operating these full-time are going to be sat away from the crowds so to them the ‘naked’ bodies will just be silhouettes and not a lucky peering session for whoever pulls that shift.

Full Body Scanners Unveiled At Manchester Airport

Granted it’s terrible that John made those comments about Jo, but what if they were good friends at work and it was all just a joke that she didn’t like? Or what if it was a woman who did to a hot male colleague, THEN would we me making a huge song and dance about it all?

Personally I think that we should have been prepared for the odd mug shot when these machines were brought in, as a new gadget is bound to bring excitement to those who get to press all the shiny, new buttons, but what I REALLY don’t get, is the hoards of people who are complaining about the machine in the first place.

Yes, we might not like the idea of people being able to see through our clothes, but they don’t know what our faces look like, and they’re not going to see you again / publish your picture on the net or remember you after the next 100 people pass through, so if it means it makes air travel safer, just deal with it.

I mean, no one complains about putting their bags through the scanner do they? Are you telling me that if you have something like tampons/condoms or even a Rampant Rabbit, the security staff are going to stand up and point at you? No, not really… as long as the rabbit isn’t a makeshift gun, I think you’ll be okay.

Personally I think people are getting far too uptight about the whole thing, I know it’s a bit intrusive, but how often do you get on a plane, twice a year? It’s not something that’s going to ruin your holiday is it? The thing that would ruin a holiday is getting rid of the scanners and having some terrorist taking over the plane. But then people would obviously start complaining that we weren’t doing enough to combat terrorism.

Originally posted by me on femalefirst.

    • Ann
    • November 12th, 2010

    I disagree. I do think putting my bags through a scanner is completely different to having some random person (male or female) see me naked through my clothes. Actually the minute I saw the pictures of the scanners on the internet and the images produced, I made a decision to sack my future plans that include air travel for those I can drive to with my dignity intact. I would never take my children or grandchildren through one of these. I don’t think I am alone in my opinion. But even if I am, I am done with air travel.

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