Album Review: Train – Save Me, San Francisco

It’s fair to say that Train will probably always be known as the band who sang that ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ song that my dad’s band covered with help from Sam Nixon back in the day. Okay, possibly not the part about my dad, but still, that song pretty much sums them up.

I’m gonna be straight with you here, I’ve never actually listened to a full Train album up until now either, so I don’t actually have much to go on as far as their previous albums, but comparing it to some of the other rubbish I’ve sampled this week, they do themselves proud.

Heading back into the studio following a three-year hiatus it’s clear from the end product that the band have what it takes to make a great albeit very American-sounding fifth album.

With the album following the story of a wandering young rocker who falls in love and wants to settle down I already feel I can relate to it – well, the wandering part at least.

Each song of the album has a different ‘feel’ to it, which I haven’t gotten from a lot of the albums I’ve been listening to recently as most songs seem to blend into one giant one, but here it’s kind of different, I don’t know whether it’s because subconsciously, knowing I’m listening to Train takes me back to those long summer evenings watching my dad’s band rehearsing when I really didn’t believe life was just about making money, tea for a man and babies.

I imagine this is the kind of album you can have on during a long train journey and just let your thoughts wander away to, you could be anywhere in the world with this in the background, well, in my opinion anyway, I guess I’m a bit of a dreamer today.

The album is pretty much another great country rock album to come out of the states, and whilst I like it enough to add it to my iTunes, I have to point out a couple of the standout tracks definitely worth downloading as Parachute, which is much better than the Cheryl Cole song of the same name.

Words is another strong addition to the album – a country ballad that you could totally imagine some hunky woodcutter serenading you with from a log in the middle of a forest, it’s definitely a song for dreaming to.

That said, it’s a great album which I highly checking out on something like Spotify before you go out and buy yourself a copy. As well as one for your mum.

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