Ashley Cole; “I’m Moving On”: So What, You Want A Medal?

Cheryl Cole’s love rat husband has ventured out for the first time since his wife left him as he attended his younger brother’s birthday party and told guests he’s “moving on” with his life.

Apparently Ashley was greeted by  hugs and pats on the back from his family and friends and has a huge smile on his face throughout the course of the party whilst all the while claiming that as long as he has his family nothing else matters.

UEFA Champions League: Chelsea 0 v 1 Inter Milan

Erm, Earth to Ashley – first of all… pats on the back? You cheated on your wife and you’re getting pats on the back? Crikey, what about those guys who manage to keep it in their pants, do they a knighthood or something?

And secondly, nothing else matters now you have you have your family? Wasn’t Cheryl family until you started carrying on with another woman? Or did that bit of ‘family’ not matter that much?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Chelsea ace moving on from his ex, but don’t expect credit for it… you did a terrible thing, and it’s going to take more than a few weeks in the house to get over.


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