Wow, Britney finally releases some unaltered phots!

We all knew Britney had been airbrushed when we saw THOSE Candies shots release last summer, but after hoards of tabloid photos have unveiled the real bloated Britney, she has unveiled her imperfections to highlight women’s body image issues.

Okay, so she probably just thought she might as well cash in on the whole ’Before and After’ business, but we think she didn’t look that bad to begin with if we’re honest. Better than paparazzi pictures anyway.

The singer is seen posing in a pink bikini, but there are notable differences in the two sets of images which have been released by the pop star’s representatives. The untouched images show Spears with bigger legs, bum and waist as well as bruises on her calves – a marked contrast to the airbrushed photographs, which picture the star with smooth skin and a noticeably smaller bottom.

If we’re honest though, we’re quite impressed that Britney has revealed these shots, as it shows that the media portrayal of women in magazines and adverts if often not how those women really look, so young girls shouldn’t aspire to be tiny, spray tanned waifs.

What do you think? Would you buy Candies if you saw the untouched Britney?

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