Another Day, Another Drama For Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s personal life has taken another beating today after she and her sister are seeking a restraining order against their father.

Last week we told you how Papa Lohan has turned up at Lindsays house with a load of coppers and ranted that he didn’t want little Ali Lohan hanging about with her bad influence of a big sister.

When he didn’t seem to get much joy that way, Pops then took to Twitter (where else?) to vent his anger towards his daughter, and now Moma Lohan is urging her daughter to seek legal action.

“My children are petrified of him,” whined Dina, “We will be getting restraining orders… It will happen imminently. All my kids…he’s never been there. He’s been in and out of jail for 10 years. This guy has to be stopped. He’s dangerous!”

Whilst we reckon that might be a little extreme, it isn’t half as bad as what Michael’s been saying… he now reckons that his daughter will end up like actor Corey Haim, who is obviously, dead.

Okay, so Lindsay Lohan popping her clogs from a drugs overdose might not be that far off the mark, but hasn‘t Michael heard of self-fulfilling prophecy? Probably not, he‘s too busy listening for the sound of his own voice.

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