Christ Christina… Just Get on With It Already….

Christina Aguilera has released yet another ‘teaser’ for her new single / album, whatever it is, and I’m kind of getting to the point where I’m thinking, for goodness sake, stop messing about and get on with it.

I mean, Lady GaGa is a successful woman, and she doesn’t mess about leaking her new single bit by bit, so can we please stop trying to be a ‘tease’ and get your video out there, deal with the response, and let someone else have a go.

I know Christina wants to make the most of her comeback, and it’s probably the big wigs sat in their corner offices and not Christina who are deciding it would be ‘cool’ to build up to the new video by dragging it out longer than the American Idol results shows… but it’s really annoying me.

So, Christina, unless the next email I get regarding your new video ACTUALLY contains the video… don’t bother, because you’ll be marked as spam.

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