Single Review : Morcheeba – Even Though

Morcheeba are a band I’ve heard of on passing, but never ventured into finding out about. So today, as I’m on a bit of a reviewing roll, I thought I’d give their unique blend of trip hop, rock, rhythm and blues and pop a bit of a spin.

As a band who have sold over 6 million records worldwide, I can see why they are such a success; for the first 30 seconds or so I thought the single would make a perfect accompaniment to my Thursday night Yoga class, until the glorious vocals of Skye Edwards started washing over me. Not that Skye’s vocals aren’t wonderful – they are – it’s just we’re obviously not allowed to listen to music with lyrics during the Yoga class, it can be a bit distracting that’s all.

During my research, I also found that the word “morcheeba” means “the way of cannabis” and to be honest with you, it’s hardly surprising… not that I’ve ever smoked any of the wacky baccy, I am aware that it’s supposed to induce relaxation and this single certainly does that my the bucket load.

If you still haven’t heard of Morcheeba, I suggest you download this from iTunes on May 25th, and treat yourself to a copy of their new album, Blood Like Lemonade on June 7.

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