Katie Price Finds Her Perfect Acting Role… As A Chavvy Brit In Benidorm

Here I was thinking Katie Price was good for nothing except taking her clothes off and making a total fool of herself on various reality TV shows, but not it looks like she might be making it in the world of acting!

Fair enough, Katie will be playing the part of a chavvy Brit abroad in hit tv show, Benidorm and she probably thinks it’s just ANOTHER documentary about her holidays rather than an actual proper acting part, but we’re excited none the less.

Just Another Day On The Beach For Katie

The show’s creator said of the part, “She probably won’t have to do much acting. It will be more sunbathing and bikini action. She’ll be getting them out for the lads and lying by the pool.” well, no change there then.

To be totally honest, Katie Price’s life is just fascinating to me… she might look like a better-off version of the chavs down Barnsley market on a Saturday, but at the end of the day, no matter how much cash she’s got, she’s still a chav in my eyes.


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