Who Loves Janey Cutler?

After a long day of waving flags and smiling at racing drivers on Saturday, I settled in to watch Britain’s Got Talent and drink Strongbow (yes I know, I’m a classy lady) and whilst the calibre of contestants was, well, a bit poor I was almost ready to switch over for CSI: NY when Janey Cutler arrived!

Bless her, we all know she’s going to the this series’ ‘New Su-Bo’ – okay, so she’s not got as epic a voice as Susie, but I still ended up sobbing into my Monster Munch when the 81-year-old started belting out her rendition of Edith Pilaf’s No Regrets (Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien).

To be honest with you, I reckon she could do with the cash – as she’s got seven children, 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren – but she’s just adorable… with Piers Morgan describing it as “spine-tingling and astonishing”.

Obviously she’s sailing through to the next round and is appearing on This Morning as we speak… but even more exciting, the US networks have also been in touch with ITV begging for footage and interview time! Great news eh?

Okay, here’s the big question though, do YOU think she’s really as good as Su-Bo, or are people just making the comparison because she’s an old dear? Click the link below and then come back and tell me what you reckon…



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