Chanelle Hayes : “I Won’t Have Sex With Jack Tweed Until My Baby Is Born.” Nice.

Crikey Chanelle Hayes has admitted to dating Jack AND said something remotely sensible at the same time. Crikey, what next, the wheel?

We are pleased to her that Z-lister Chanelle and her Z-lister boyfriend are waiting to consummate their relationship until Chan pops her sprog out because she doesn’t, “think its right to have sex with someone when you’re carrying another man’s child. So there won’t be any of that until after the baby arrives – if we’re still together.” Yes Chanelle, you know, that’s perhaps the first time we’ve heard you say something sensible.

Chanelle Doing Her 'If I pout can I be famous?' pose

Speaking to Closer magazine, she admitted that despite being six month’s pregnant, she still hasn’t spoken to the baby’s father – Middlesbrough footballer Matthew Bate – “I’m not p*ssed off with Matt, I’m just disappointed, he’s 23 going on 12. He was very controlling when I was with him and I think he hates that he couldn’t control me not to have this baby.”

Chanelle also admits her and Jack Tweed’s relationship isn’t exactly what you’d describe as normal (you don’t say?) adding; “We’ve got together in very strange circumstances. Jack is a really lovely guy, though, and we just get on well. There aren’t many guys who would be interested in getting together with a pregnant girl, but he’s taken it all in his stride.”

Don't We All Wish We Could Date Jack?

Well, Jack’s previous ‘relationships’ haven’t exactly been simple have they? What with his wife Jade Goody dying, then been accused (and cleared) of rape, and now shacking up with a pregnant diva? I’d say he likes a challenge.

To be honest, we actually think Chanelle might have grown up a lot since getting preggers, well, that was until she added that she wants to look her best for her labour; “I’ll make sure I’ve had my hair done, a bikini wax and make-up on at all times,” she says. “I want to make sure I look good when I’m pushing out a little person!” Same old Chan then?

What do YOU make of their relationship – just two fame hungry people feeding off the other’s scraps of newsworthiness?


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