In A Band? Want To Open For Bon Jovi At The O2? Read On!

You know when you’re in a band, and you feel like you’re never going anywhere, you’re thinking of throwing in the towel and getting a job stacking shelves in your local supermarket whilst you brood over never being recognised….? Well get your head out of your arse and make something of yourselves.

You’re good right? You deserve to be playing sold-out arenas and hanging out with people like Bon Jovi? Well, it just so happens that Bon Jovi are in need of a band to open for them during their O2 Arena shows… so you’re in.

If you think your band has what it takes to open for the legends that are Bon Jovi, all you have to do is submit a video of your band playing live to and you could be opening for one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

So, get the video recorded, whack it online and prepare to become a rockstar. Just remember you heard it from me, so you owe me.


  1. hej bon jovi j am your best fan i like you and i will go to your concert in the european

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