Glamour Model Releases England World Cup ‘Song’

The World Cup usually means a load of wannabe popstars trying to cash in on the beautiful game by releasing some rubbish song that everyone forgets about once England get knocked out. And this year isn’t any different.

Enter Glamour model Chenille Steele, who is planning on releasing an England World Cup Anthem called Come On You Lions, which is erm, interesting. Okay, so she’s not exactly blessed with a Whitney Houston voice, but I think her figure will carry her along just fine.

The song claims to be sung from the point of view of all the WAG’s, the only problem is, Chenille isn’t actually a WAG the girl girls she’s roped in to dance in her video don’t quite make the cut either.

Classy Chenille, 24, from Loughton, Essex even said: “I hope the England boys can go all the way, just like I do. My song Come On You Lions is a World Cup Anthem with a difference as is from a woman’s perspective for a change and hopefully it will help me bag an England footballer boyfriend.

“I’m hoping the record will earn me enough money to get tickets to fly out to South Africa so I can hang out in the local clubs and bars and end up in bed with Frank Lampard, but I would take Ashley Cole if Frank is busy.” Lovely.

Nice to see she has some morals then. No matter how well this record does, remember one thing darling… money doesn’t buy class.


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