Kim Kardashian Really Does Have A Death Wish…

Kim Kardashian really must have some kind of death wish after Tweeting a photo of herself and teeny pop sensation Justin Bieber looking all cosy together on a beach in the Bahamas.

You would have though Kim had learned her lesson after all the death threats she received last time she Tweeted about her fondness for the teenager, but oh no, glutton for punishment, she’s been at it again.

The fame-hungry woman (we’re not quite sure what she’s actually famous for) wasn’t going to let a few death threats stop her rubbing her friendship with Justin in a few Bieberites  faces…

First off she posted a picture of herself and the star in the shadows and asked fans if they could guess who she was with, then JB took to his page to post a snap of them together on the beach, with the caption; “Photoshoot on the beach….ummmm yeah.”

Kim then retweeted the picture and added; “Bahamas with my Biebs! Fun shoot!” Her Biebs?! Oh dear… can it get any worse? Of course it can… because then she posted another Tweet entitled; “ My dream! I messed up @JustinBieber ‘s hair!!!!!”

Run Kim, run for you life!

My dream! I messed up @JustinBieber 's hair!!!!!

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